Walthamstow Hamper

Walthamstow Hamper


There are lots of delicious things made in Walthamstow and we've collated a few into a lovely little hamper.

Pillars Untraditional Lager - This takes lager to a new level, having much more flavour and bite than you'd expect from a lager.

Mother's Ruin Gin - Mother does all manner of delicious gins and vodkas and we include one in this hamper.

JammyVal - delicious jams and chutneys from JammyVal. We highly recommend the chilli jam!

Waste Not Preserve Pot - Delicious chutneys made from unwanted fruit and vegetables. Delicious and also reduces food waste.

Bee17 Honey - Lovely runny honey made by local Walthamstow bees!

CurvedBrick coffee beans - OK, not strictly Walthamstow but close enough. If they were situated a couple of hundred yards to the North then there'd be no doubt. The coffee is so good we use it in our cafe.

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