Medium Christmas Cheese Selection

Medium Christmas Cheese Selection


This is a substantial Christmas cheese selection that will do about 8-10 people in one sitting or it can be spread over a few days for a smaller amount of people. It contains some truly wonderful cheeses that will make any cheese lovers Christmas.

Black Bomber Extra Mature Cheddar - One of our most popular cheese. Wonderfully moist texture for a mature cheddar with a lovely, lingering tang and satisfying cheese crystals.

Perl Las  - Stunning Welsh Blue. Perfectly balanced between sweet and salty, once you start you won't be able to stop.

Carboncino - Unusual mixed milk cheese from Piedmont, Italy. Cut into it at room temperature and watch it ooze out. Wonderful flavour.

Petit Valencay - French goats cheeses are hard to beat and Petit Valencay is right up there. Nutty flavours with a slight citrusy tang.

Langres - A truly unique cheese with a wrinkly orange rind and wonderful rich flavour ehanced by regular washing in Marc de Bourgogne.

Perl Wen - Lovely Welsh brie that's rich and creamy and will be a great addition to your Christmas cheeseboard.

These amazing cheeses come with some crackers and chutney.

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